Starbucks: Entrust customers with convenience.

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The coffee whopper has always been innovative with their marketing, especially in the customer acquirement department.

In the initial days, Starbucks founders Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker focused on the harmony and the fragrances inside their shops in order to provide a delightful customer experience.

But to widen, they had to get innovative. One of their most inventive customer retention moves is their Mobile Order & Pay feature within their app. Thanks to the new feature, customers can order their coffee before they even arrive at the shop.

What’d their customers think about the addition? In short: They loved it.

I love the idea of placing an order in prior, especially since my order is pretty simple and I almost always get the same thing. So, being able to place my order and have it be ready by the time I make it down to Starbucks from the office or another destination saves me a lot of time. Paying through the app is pretty seamless, too. Since it lives in the existing Starbucks app, paying with a Starbucks card is really easy (and your rewards are used automatically). – Elynn Lee

The transparent takeaway here is this: make your products and services handy as possible. Identify the thirst and attitude of your customers and create tools and systems that legitimize them. Whether that be an app or other traditional methods, it’s up to you.

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